Sister of Love Island’s Tom Clare Responds to Outcry from Fans Calling for His Departure

Tom Clare, a semi-professional footballer from Love Island, made himself unpopular by pursuing three women at once. His sister Laura Clare, an influencer with over 15,000 Instagram followers, showed her support for him by posting a photo with him and their parents to her page, along with a caption expressing her pride in him. This resulted in backlash from viewers, who accused him of stringing Olivia along and being disrespectful to Zara. Tom apologised to both Olivia and Ellie, and claimed to have nothing to say to Zara. Olivia and Zara both had a history in the entertainment industry, with Olivia having been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson, and Zara having appeared in music videos for international artists. Tom Clare’s actions on Love Island caused a stir and resulted in his sister publicly expressing her support for him. This led to viewers expressing their disapproval and calling for him to be evicted from the villa. Tom apologised to both Olivia and Ellie, and Olivia and Zara had a history in the entertainment industry before appearing on Love Island. Despite the scandal, Laura Clare showed her loyalty to her brother by posting a photo of them and their parents on social media.