Skate in “Riyadh City Boulevard” puts Riyadh’s season in the Guinness Book of Records

Riyadh’s 2021 season has established new ones record, with the giant slide registered in the Guinness Book of Records, as the longest slide in the world and the most game of its kind by number of slopes, for the second time since the launch of the season in 2019.

The game of the giant slide is one of the most important activities of the “Riyadh City Boulevard” and is located in thearea “Avalanche”, and is one of the 10 activities in the region, and has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records with two certificates, the first as the longest slide in the world, and the second as the longest slide for the number of runs.

The height of the giant slide at the highest point is 22,136 m, its length is about 117 m, its width is 56.5 m, while the number of its runs is 24, and the runs vary in based on theirs design, including straight, zigzag and wavy tracks.

Entrance tickets to the giant slide game can be booked via the link:, and it is allowed to try the game for adults and children, as long as the person is not less than 110 cm tall, for safety reasons and for the protection of visitors, and upon entering the game, visitors receive some instructions that guarantee their safety , including maintaining a distance of at least two meters between each person AND finally wearing appropriate shoes.

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