Skyforge: Rock and Metal expansion now available on Xbox One


  • Return to Terra, stop a deadly dig, and battle the evil Draconids
  • Equip yourself with three rock’n’roll weapons for Grovewalker, Soundweaver and Firestarter
  • Unlock a powerful new form of the older god for ranged classes: the aspect of revenge

Something of great value to the Draconids is buried in the rocky crust of Terra, and these cold-blooded enemies will stop at nothing to get it out. An army of lizards, huge laser drills and an endangered earth threatened with extinction … chances are good, aren’t they, immortal? Welcome to Rock and Metal, the latest expansion in the world of Skyforge!

We’ve been building the Draconids for some time, from their first appearance as a fairly harmless appearance in the New Horizons update to their skirmish in the heart of the city during the recent Ignition update. Captain Garos’s intelligence shows that your scaly enemies have fled to a huge, impenetrable dome in Terra’s poison wasteland. This abandoned industrial site is full of pollution and is considered inhospitable for everyone except the most despicable ways of life.

Your adventure takes you to the heart of the Draconids operation to find out what the lizards are drilling for. You have to deal with legions of Draconian warriors to infiltrate their dome and take them out. But in the middle of the rocky excavations, there is a metal malevolence …

Kerax is an unnaturally large Draconid commander in mechanical armor. His cybernetic suit, called the Assault Cyborg by the Draconid legions, significantly improves his combat skills, so defeating your reptile rival is no easy task. Team up with other immortals if you have a chance against this monstrous threat and want to leave the mission alive!

If you need additional firepower, the new expansion heralds the thundering arrival of the Black Metal collection, a range of weapons designed for the Firestarter, Soundweaver and Grovewalker classes. Inspired by the fashion and iconography of metal culture and bands like Rammstein, Iron Maiden and AC / DC, these weapons are a real rock’n’rollin ‘punch!

The fire starter, the newest class in the Skyforge universe, receives a series of demonic-looking torches to increase the heat in battle. Pentagrams and pyrotechnics are common in the rock’n’roll world. That’s why we bundled their fiery flair in the development of the Firestarter’s new weapons and the attack bonuses and effects they were granted.

The Grovewalker wears a heavy metal thyrsus, an old weapon made of fennel and a symbol of the Greek god Dionysos. This special design contains an imposing metal skull that makes enemies shake in front of the earthly forces of the Grovewalker! Due to the new attack effect, large, bright spikes protrude from the back, which are inspired by the punk rock culture (unfortunately they do not make cool leather jackets the size of Grovewalker).

As a guitar hero based in Aelion, Soundweaver was already immersed in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. We had to set the Swagger to 11. The Soundweaver swells with a new demonic looking guitar with fire and an angry, otherworldly energy. When designing the appearance of the new Soundweaver toy and its attack effects, we took over the influence of the great flamethrower guitarist who took off during a high-speed hunt in “Mad Max: Fury Road” young time traveler in Back to the Future!

Skyforge players who have ascended to their older god form can also unlock the powers of the Vengeance aspect. This new form is primarily available for the Archer, Outlaw and Gunner classes (but you can also switch to it with non-ranged classes). It is designed to improve and strengthen your ranged skills. Fire arrows or a weapon (depending on the aspect’s current setting, which can be switched), summon lightning, order a volley of arrows, or unleash hell with the ultimate shape of the aspect!

If you haven’t unlocked your older god form yet, there’s still time! Defeat Tol Monter, the avatar of the Oceanid invasion, to access the vengeance aspect and a host of other ancient characters. Tol Monter is a powerful sea creature and a tremendous challenge for even Aelion’s greatest defenders. So put your best team together if you want to conquer it! If you don’t win before the end of the current invasion cycle, you can wait for the next one and instead challenge the avatar of that invasion.

Ready to rock? Skyforge and the Rock and Metal expansion can now be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store! The Black Metal Collection weapons can also be purchased in the Flower of Evil, Rhapsody of Pain and Playing with Fire packages.

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