Small bomb.. American long-range weapons are intended for the Ukrainian army

The American television channel Fox News spoke about modern long-range ground weapons, which are expected to be supplied by the United States to Ukraine.

The channel said it was a system it called “Small Diameter Ground Bomb” with a range of 150 km. This is the GLSDB model. This will allow Ukrainian forces to bomb targets deep within Russian territory.

It is produced, according to the channel, by the Swedish company SAAB in cooperation with the American company Boeing. Experts from the two companies say the bomb is capable of passing through some electronic interference and can be used based on GPS satellite navigation from ground platforms against armored vehicles in all weather conditions.

It is noteworthy that the United States plans to supply these small diameter bombs not only to Ukraine, but also to its allies in Eastern Europe.

It is reported that the system includes a GBU-39 small diameter bomb and an M26 rocket engine. The bomb is equipped with small wings that allow it to hover in the direction of the target.

Work on the design of the GLSDB ground system has been underway since 2019. Several copies were made, but it is impossible to expect a rapid increase in its production volumes due to legislative difficulties and problems with the supply of spare parts. parts.

Nevertheless, Kyiv expects to deliver these weapons by the spring of next year.

Source: Russian newspaper