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Smart Car Adapts to Market Needs with Revolutionary Color and Shape-shifting Technology.

The German company “BMW” has created aauto new and intelligent that resists the boredom and monotony of everyday life, as its exterior color changes at will and without the need for any painting or manual work.

According to information collected by Al-Arabiya.net on theautoits advantages are not limited to the external color change, but the image of its driver can be reflected on its bodywork, making it visible to all pedestrians on the road, and to all passing cars.

The German company recently revealed theauto innovative, but said it will not be put in sale, as there are no plans yet to make it available to the public.

The BMW i Vision Dee, flashing in different colors, it turned out to be the first of its kind and shape in the world, as this feature had never been done before in none auto.

A report published by the British newspaper “DailyMail” and viewed by News Agency states that theauto electric sports car uses electronic ink to switch between 32 colors, including purple, pink, yellow, white and red.

The bodywork of theauto it is subdivided in ‘microcapsules’, tiny spherical particles with a diameter equal to the thickness of a human hair, which contain colored pigments which are stimulated by an electric field, depending on the setting chosen.

This causes specific color pigments to collect on the surface of each microcapsule, giving the bodywork aauto the desired shade.

L’auto innovative can also display a driver avatar on the side window, in so that it can be seen by people outside. Tinted windows can also be used to ‘fade reality’ although this is designed for use when theauto it is not driven.

BMW has stated that theauto it is only a prototype and will not be released on the market. When the company was asked about the purpose of changing the color of theautosaid it was “a vision of the distant future”.

A spokesperson for the German company said: “We at BMW always try to push ourselves further, which also means exploring all aspects of innovative materials.”


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