Smart headlights can make night driving so much easier!

Approximately 40% of all collisions occur at night, so it is not surprising that many drivers are wary of driving at night.

But Ford’s latest innovations could make it easier to hit the road at night.

The car giant is testing smart headlights that display directions, speed limits and weather information on the road ahead.

For example, if the road ahead is covered in ice, the car will display a snowflake symbol on the road, and if the speed limit changes, the new limit will be highlighted on the ground.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 40% of collisions occur at night.

The fact sheet explains that “the most obvious danger of night driving is reduced visibility. The distance the driver can see is reduced and thus hazards can often appear out of nowhere. in a well-lit building or after driving on a well-lit road.

Hoping to make it easier for drivers to drive at night, Ford is testing new headlight technology.

Lars Junker, Feature and Software Specialist, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Ford, said: of Europe: “What started as a projector lamp and a blank wall has the potential to take lighting technology to a whole new level. Now you can do much more than just light up the road ahead to reduce the stress of driving at night. .”

The headlights could display a set of symbols on the road that would be useful to both the driver of the vehicle and other road users, for example, a crosswalk could be displayed on the road either for the driver or any pedestrians looking for a safe place to cross.

The forecast can also show the safe path that the driver must follow in order for cyclists to cover the safe distance.

Alternatively, the technology could provide the driver with weather information through forecast icons showing upcoming fog, snow, or ice.

Meanwhile, connecting headlights to the navigation system could allow it to display upcoming curves, roundabouts, or combined traffic.

“The driver can get key information without taking their eyes off the road,” Juncker added.

It is not yet clear when the technology will be ready for deployment and what its cost will be.

Source: Daily Mail