Smart shoes .. The technology that attracts the giants of sport

Tech companies are looking to transform all aspects of our daily life in smart things, so companies have begun to develop smart shoe technology to help users better track their exercise.

But the smart shoe technology still is in phase of development and has not yet been launched to become available to all consumers around the world, as companies are still trying to make the most of the new technology, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

What are smart shoes?

As the name suggests, smart shoes are a new technology that is based on the combination of normal shoes and electronic tracking sensors, in so you can track your activities and log all your activities in the app fitness and keep track of your health.

Smart shoes can track the number of steps you took and the distance traveled, as well as the number of calories burned during that activity.

It can also track and map your steps via its built-in GPS sensors, so you can know your daily itinerary.

Some smart shoes have pressure sensors built into the shoe, so they know when they are being worn and the user’s weight.

Some shoes have more sophisticated sensors to monitor their surroundings, temperature, lighting, and other important data.

Smart shoes rely on internal batteries that are charged about once every two weeks, so you won’t be bothered by them.

Some shoes may have different entertainment features such as LED lights that change to match your clothing and possibly external headphones to play music.

You can connect these shoes to your phone via Bluetooth and use their apps to collect data or send the data to the health app you use on your phone.

Buy new shoes

Many companies have begun to take an interest in this technology and companies have been created private to provide the latest technologies in it.

Digitsole is one of the leaders in this camp and its shoes can track and monitor many of your activities.

And these shoes can track your steps and your way of walking to correct them and give you the necessary sports advice.

Some international companies have also started to take an interest in this technology and have launched their own models, such as Nike, which has launched a shoe that laces itself without the need for any intervention on your part.

Under Armor also has its own smart shoe, but the shoe relies on a special app installed in the phone.

We may see smart shoes become the default in future, as most of the watches and watch companies have been dedicated to the development of smart watches.

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