Snap breaks into the world of shopping . through augmented reality

Snap revealed that it will introduce new technologies and features to make it easier for brands to create shopping experiences in augmented reality on its Snapchat app, plus a flying camera.

During the annual presentation of the latest technology developments, the Santa Monica-based company, in California announced a pocket-sized camera called the Bixie that can fly a few feet above its owner to snap photos and video clips before landing in the palm of your hand, according to Reuters.

The flying camera, which according to Snap will cost $ 230 and will be sold in the US as well in France will also represent a renewed impetus to grow yours business hardware.

Interestingly, the main theme of the “Snap Partners” summit was “Back to Reality”, reflecting the company’s focus in recent years on augmented reality, a type of technology that enhances images and videos or the world experience. real with computerized images.

“a huge amount”

“We think there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to create tools . related to what we see in front of us,” he said. in an interview with Bobby Murphy, co-founder and chief technology Snap officer.

Snap will begin offering a variety of free services to AR developers, including data storage. Until now, image filters and lenses had to be simple and compact file sizes in so you can quickly load them into the app.

Murphy also added that with more storage capacity, developers will be in able to create more complex augmented reality experiences.

For example, an augmented reality garden will be in able to include 3D models of multiple flowers and plants, he said.

More than 600 million

The company will also introduce a new feature called “Dress Up” on Snapchat, in where users can virtually try on clothes and accessories.

Snapchat currently has more than 600 million monthly users globally, up from 500 million last year.

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