Snapchat launches a paid version of its app

The US network, “Snapchat”, has launched a paid version of its application in an attempt to earn more profits on its specialized platform. in messages with ephemeral images.

The company with headquarters in California stated in a post on his blog that a subscription to “Snapchat Plus” costs $ 4 per month and provides the user with exclusive features, including the priority of receiving technical support and the availability of trial features for him before they are launched.

He explained that the paid version will initially be available in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

In February, the company announced its first quarterly profit, but two months later it indicated the economic outlook had turned in largely unclear.

It reported that over 332 million people in all over the world use Snapchat every day.

“The paid version will allow us to introduce new app-specific features to the most passionate users of this platform,” he said in his statement post.

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