Snapchat: We know there are technical problems in our application and we are working to fix them

Snapchat said on Wednesday that it is aware of the problems in its current use and is working to fix them.

The application, through its Twitter account, did not mention any other details.

DownDetector, a website that monitors problems and outages in real-time, it’s showing a spike in reports that Snapchat has had trouble accessing its services, with around 30,000 users reporting problems.

The app said it was “looking into the matter”.

This came in the wake of a major disruption that hit the social media last week, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook, which owns all three platforms, said the defect was caused by an error during routine maintenance and “not due to malicious activity.”

There were frequent crashes in Facebook or in any of the company’s recent applications, both WhatsApp and Instagram. The latest of these failures was the one the company admitted last Friday that some users had been experiencing problems accessing its applications and services.

On Friday, some users have not been in able to upload their own Instagram accounts, while others have failed to send messages via Facebook Messenger.

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