Entertainment Snooki - Here's why she left Jersey Shore!

Snooki – Here’s why she left Jersey Shore!


Snooki took her fans and co-stars by surprise when she abruptly left Jersey Shore! Now, an insider report claims to know the real reason why she resigned!

Apparently, many things led her to leave the show, was “unfair”

These new details about his departure come after Snooki has already given him his reasons, but as this new source claims, the story is more than fans know.

She spoke about the drama on her podcast but did not go into detail.

Now, the insider tells HollywoodLife that “Nicole felt that the show was going in a direction she did not like so she left the show … She did not like how everything went after the wedding Angelina [Pivarnick] and feels that she is painted unfairly. ‘

Another source previously told the same media that Angelina had not yet forgiven her bridesmaids, Snooki, JWoww and Deena, for their offensive speeches at her wedding.

In fact, it’s such a bad memory for her now that she would have a remake ceremony!

In this regard, the source explained that Snooki “feels bad and has never tried to ruin his day”.

You may know that the three bridesmaids, called the bride “Staten Island dump,” also mocked her the number of times she had been betrothed before.

Of course, it seems they were trying to joke, but Angelina was really hurt and ended up rushing and crying at her own wedding.


In addition, Snooki also wants to leave the drama behind and focus solely on his family and his business.

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