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Snooki: Is she worried about her future after leaving Jersey Shore?


Jersey Shore observers know that Snooki, one of the best-known personalities on the show, is no longer in the cast after leaving. That being said, while Snooki revealed that she was happy with her decision to leave, people are still wondering what her plans are for the future and whether she is stressed or not.

And that makes sense! Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, has left the series that made her famous and it’s pretty scary because it means her career is currently in abeyance. Where is it?

Now, a source tells HollywoodLife that “Snooki will be very busy being a mom and see what’s coming for her now that she’s finished with Jersey Shore.”

But that does not mean she’s in no way frightened!

The insider explained, “She made a lot of money by participating in the show and she is not financially stressed. She has a well-functioning store, her podcast is successful and she will focus on the growth of all her brands and businesses. “

At the same time, fans are wondering if her longtime co-stars will miss her or not and if she feels sentimental in leaving them and the show itself like that.

The source says that although she still feels a lot of love for each of them, Snooki has no regrets.

In fact, she looks forward to a new year, a new start away from Jersey Shore and a new chapter in her life!

Snooki apparently wants to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, so people should forget her reality show character, because that side of her has gone forever.


On top of that, she plans more than ever to focus on her children.

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