Snoop Dogg Publicly Shows Love And Appreciation To His Wife, Following Fresh Cheating Allegations Made By The Infamous Celina Powell

Snoop Dogg felt the need to publicly show his wife love and appreciation so he shared an IG post with a message to her. This comes right after the infamous Celina Powel returned online with cheating allegations including the rapper.

She declared a while ago that he cheated on his wife with her, and this was a huge scandal at that time.

‘@bosslady_ent. Thanks4 the . Kids loyalty stability n the ability to deal with me on my worst days ???? u are appreciated ????????????’ Snoop captioned his post.

Somebody stated: ‘I remember when Tupac told you to marry her ???????? she is so beautiful,’ and another fan posted this message: ‘Idk why my black uncles stay embarrassing their black queens. It’ s time to retire the magnums and remain loyal to your queens.’

Another fan stated: ‘Unc has been posting his wife and kids since that stray bullet that he caught yesterday,’ and another person posted this: ‘Search‎‎ your BF’ s number on my bio and prepare yourself for the results.’

A commenter composed: ‘Why people keep messing with a woman who is clout chasing,’ and another fan stated: ‘Damn. I feel like at a certain age y’ all truly need to leave the streets alone.’

A fan posted this message: ‘He should’ ve simply kept striking the blunt and kept scrolling,’ and another fan posted: ‘I can only imagine what she’ s handled throughout the years. Yepp. He’s guilty. Men constantly wan na applaud you after humiliating you and being incapable of doing what they are applauding you for.’

One fan can not comprehend how Snoop might have anything to do with Celina: ‘Y’ all simply keep having fun with her … she like messing up relationships’ while another fan has the following viewpoint: ‘At this point give her a polygraph test. I will pay for it. No ????. Tag her in this comment.’


Do you believe Snoop is guilty?

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