Snoop Dogg to Launch Lullaby Children’s Album

Snoop Dogg to release Lullaby Alum For Kids

Roommates, when it comes to changing names, Snoop Dogg could be considered the GOAT! He can not do anything and he feels like he’s doing everything in the entertainment industry. To rape, to act, to have his own cooking show and now, he blesses babies with something smooth to put them to bed!

According to Fader, Snoop has a plethora of hits that he plans to return and give to babies around the world. Bedtime melodies include “Gin & Juice”, “Drop It Like It” and “Sensual Seduction”. I’m not going to lie, all this intrigues me. I’m really trying to imagine what a baby-friendly version of “Gin & Juice” will look like!

Snoop has so many accomplishments to his credit that it is only logical that he continues to look for ways to reinvent himself. We know some of the things Snoop likes, IF you know what I mean … but who knew he loved children too!

Apparently Snoop has teamed up with a Californian company called Rockabye Baby to publish the collection of his hit songs. The album should be released on December 6th. Roommates, are you all here for that ?!

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