Snoop Dogg’s next Lullaby album for kids has enthusiastic fans

It seems that Snoop Dogg can not do anything. It’s no wonder the rapper is considered the GOAT nowadays.

The Shade Room reveals a new Snoop shot, which shocked many fans.

“Since rap, theater, his own cooking show, and now, he’s giving babies something to put them to bed!” Writes TSR.

TSR quotes the Fader information and says that ‘Snoop has a PLETHORA of hits that he intends to return and give to babies around the world. Bedtime melodies include “Gin & Juice”, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Sensual Seduction”. “

TSR also joked and asked readers how a version intended for Gin & Juice’s kids would look like. It’s quite intriguing, you have to admit it.

Well, if you’re wondering how long we have to wait to hear Snoop’s latest songs, it will be possible in a few days.

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STAFF TSR: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne _______________________ #Roommates, when it comes to changing brands, #SnoopDogg can be considered the GOAT! He can not do anything. To rape, to act, to have his own cooking show and now, he blesses babies with something smooth to put them to bed! _____________________ According to @Fader, Snoop has a lot of hits that he plans to return and give to babies around the world. Bedtime melodies include “Gin & Juice”, “Drop It Like It” and “Sensual Seduction”. I’m not going to lie, all this intrigues me. I’m really trying to imagine what a baby-friendly version of “Gin & Juice” will look like! ???? _____________________ Apparently, Snoop has teamed up with a Californian company called Rockabye Baby to publish the collection of his hit songs. The album should be released on December 6th. Roommates, are you all here for that ?!

A message shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on December 2, 2019 at 12:03 pm PST

It was revealed that Snoop had teamed up with a Californian company called Rockabye Baby. He is about to publish the collection of his hit songs.

TSR also announced the release of this album on December 6, so stay tuned!

People learned the news with enthusiasm and said that Snoop could do anything he wanted.

One adept said, “He can do anything he wants lol. You must love this man ❤️ “and another fan posted this:” It’s amazing. Listen to some of the songs released now! ‘

An Instagrammer joked, “Hush, little baby, do not cry, the crips do not die, they multiply …” “while another fan seemed to be on the same page:” I bet everything what he says “crip” At least once in this lullaby. “


Snoop garnered fans’ enthusiasm when the famous rapper said he had appeared on the cover of People magazine under the title “Sexiest Man Alive”.

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