Snowpiercer Season 4: Updates, News, and Plot Revealed

Snowpiercer Season 4: Will We Ever See It?

In this article, we will discuss the latest updates on Snowpiercer season 4 and whether or not it will be released. Marty Adelstein, the producer of the show, has provided an update on the situation.

Snowpiercer Cancelled

To understand the current situation, we need to provide some context. Snowpiercer was originally owned by TNT, who announced in 2022 that there would be a fourth season. The new season was filmed, but unexpectedly, the series was canceled by the network. This cancellation was a result of significant changes at Warner Bros, the parent company of TNT, which had a major impact on the entertainment industry. Other networks, such as USA Network and The CW, were also affected.

Season 4 Still in the Works

So, what does this mean for Snowpiercer? Torrow Studios, the production company behind the icy apocalyptic series, is currently searching for a new home for the show. This process has been ongoing for some time, and Marty Adelstein recently provided an update in an interview with Deadline.

“Regarding Snowpiercer, season 4 is still in the works,” said the producer. “No one has seen the new episodes yet, but hopefully that will change soon. We are currently in discussions with potential buyers who are interested in acquiring the first three seasons and most likely the fourth season, which is expected to be the best one yet. The negotiations are ongoing.”

Snowpiercer on Netflix

Warner Bros has cancelled multiple series, including the popular show Westworld. In the United States, it moved to streaming platforms like Tubi and Roku. The hope of the creators is that Snowpiercer will find a similar new home, although it remains uncertain what this means for viewers in our country and its availability on Netflix. However, it is worth noting that the fourth season of the series has already been filmed, so if a new “home” is found, the release could be relatively quick!

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