SNP leaders ‘motivated’ border protesters who told English visitors ‘remain the f *** out’

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Pro-independence advocates hung a banner stating “Staycation – Keep Scotland Covid-Free” underneath the official Welcome To Scotland sign on the A1 last Saturday. Ms Sturgeon insists she neither excused nor backed the border presentation which she stated should not harm Scotland’s reputation as an open and inviting country.

I can’t stop people waving SNP banners however I can be extremely clear they do not speak for us

Nicola Sturgeon

However demonstration organiser Ian McNeil stated he thought he had actually been echoing messages from the top of SNP when he and fellow activists went out to “& ldquo; safeguardtheborder & rdquo;againsthigher levels of coronavirus in England by advising travelers to “& ldquo; staycation in your own country”& rdquo;.(********* )

Mr McNeiltold The National, a pro-independence Scottish paper: “& ldquo; For some weeks now the residents up north, consisting of one SNP leader, have actually attempted to prevent travelers from holidaying here up until more notification. That’& rsquo; s what(************************************************************************************************************ )demonstration was everything about.”& rdquo;

Ian Blackford,theSNP & rsquo; s Westminster leader, shared a buffooned-up photo of a Scottish border sign online in Might which specified: “& ldquo; We & rsquo; re(******************************************************************** ).”Foff. & rdquo;

Protesters collected atthe Scottish borders to preventvisitors from England( Image: TWITTER) (********* )(********** “)

Mr Blackford, a Highland MP, tweeted: & ldquo; Possibly notthelanguage I woulduse howeverfor some folk maybe it requires to be blunt prior to they get it!”& rdquo;

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw branded the group – that included a PPE-wearing protester stating they wanted visitors from England to “stay the fout”, an “absolute disgrace” and prompted the First Minister to condemn the activists.

Ms Sturgeon stated: “I can’t stop people waving SNP banners however I can be extremely clear they do not speak for us.

” I can’t be clearer than I have actually been – the SNP is an open and inviting party, Scotland is an open and inviting nation which kind of demonstration is not something I back or excuse in any way shape or kind.”

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The Scotland border protesters claim they were ‘motivated’ by SNP leaders ( Image: TWITTER)

Critics branded the Scotland border demonstrations and ‘outright disgrace’ ( Image: TWITTER)

Her remarks followed Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf tweeted about the occurrence: “If you are a racist you are no pal of mine and no part of the motion I come from.”

He branded the occurrence “awful, repellent and remiss”.

Ms Sturgeon stated: “I concur with Humza Yousaf’s remarks about bigotry.

” The people who objected at the border did not speak for me, they were not there on my behalf and they were not interacting a message that I back in any way, in fact I would absolutely state I do not back that.

” I do not believe it risks our reputation since I believe Scotland’s reputation as an open, inviting, internationalist nation is strong and enduring, and I believe it can stand up to demonstrations of that nature.”

The First Minister has actually declined to rule out presenting border constraints in between Scotland and England if these are required to help combat the spread of coronavirus, an idea condemned as “& ldquo; outrageous and impressive” & rdquo; by Boris Johnson.

She kept in mind that the frequency of the infection has to do with 5 times lower in Scotland than other parts of the UK and described parts of the US and Australia, where border constraints have actually been enforced.

Ms Sturgeon stated: “I would be irresponsible in my obligation if I was to rule out at this phase something that at a later phase I may think about was required to safeguard people’s health and lives, however it will be driven completely by public health.”

She worried any such decision would be based upon public health requirements not constitutional politics.

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UK coronavirus cases ( Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

The First Minister stated: “This is not a concern about whether people from England are welcome in Scotland, of course they are, just as people from Scotland are ideally welcome in England.

” It has to do with public health and I will take decisions based upon safeguarding the people of Scotland if there is a risk to public health.

” That is not political, it is not constitutional, it is definitely not based upon any desire to keep English people out of Scotland.

“Even my sternest critics could look at my record in politics and know that is not who I am and it is not what my party is about.”

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