So the Germans occupied the Camp Nou stadium.

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Reactions continue, to what i media they called the “German occupation” of the “Camp Nou” stadium, yesterday evening, Thursday, which brought the landowner Barcelona to his host Frankfurt, and ended with the victory of questlast for 2-3 in the return leg of the quarter-finals of the Europa League. At the end of the match, the German team’s players were seen as celebrating qualification at their ‘Deutsche Bank Park’ stadium and among their supporters, which raised doubts and questions about the actual number of Frankfurt fans who joined. infiltrated the stands, in addition to the number allowed, according to the protocol of the European Football Association, to give guests 5000 tickets. For its part, the “Marca” newspaper stated that the Barcelona administration has opened an internal investigation, to find out the circumstances of what the president Joan Laporta considered a “stigma”, with the arrival of the number of supporters of the ‘Eintracht to over 30 thousand, in the stadium designated for guests e in other separate areas of the stadium, and concluded: There were several factors that occurred, which ultimately led to a scene that left the fans bitterly club of all the world. The report stated that the Germans occupied the “Camp Nou” in four ways, the first is legal, with travelers from Germany getting the 5,000 tickets awarded, while the second, was by tour company organizers, who bypassed UEFA laws, facilitating “ticketing” in The hands of the Germans, completing the purchase process with the “IP” addresses for the computer within Spain, after the number of allowed, to buy from within Germany. As for the third gap, it was Barcelona’s slowness in preventing stakeholders and opportunists from profiting and exploiting the Germans’ need to buy tickets, even if they cost twice as much, followed by thousands of football fans. club, who preferred to sell the ticket. and likewise those who took advantage of the decision of the club to close the sales booths in the vicinity of the stadium, and electronic sales only To ease the queues, they resell the tickets to German guests, which ultimately led to the scene that made headlines and media international in the last few hours. Commenting on this incident, President Joan Laporta pledged not to allow it to happen again, saying in a televised statement: “What happened on Thursday night is a shame and a regret, we can’t allow it to happen again. For Barcelona, ​​I feel hurt.” With the fall of Barcelona against Eintracht Frankfurt and their exit from the Europa League, his chances of winning a championship at the end of the season are reduced, after the previous exit from the Super Cup and the King of Spain, but it takes a miracle to remove Real Madrid from the top of the League, with Meringue scoring 12 points and one game in more than Barca., seven rounds before the end of the season.

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