Soccer Mommy Drops ‘Crawling in My Skin’ Video, Reveals Livestream Efficiency

Soccer Mommy, a.k.a. Sophie Allison, has in fact exposed a video for “Crawling in My Skin,” off her most current album Color Theory.

Directed by Adam Kolodny, the clip opens with a quarter moon waiting for the sky as Allison plays the guitar throughout saturated, rough shots. “Seein’ black/Seep through the fractures,” she sings. “Pourin’ out of the walls/I enjoy it sneak and crawl.”

” I’m excited to put out this video for ‘Crawling in My Skin’ right at the end of scary season,” Allison stated in a statement. “I hope everybody enjoys this video and their Halloween!”

Allison will perform her first full- band set for a SummerStage livestream, which airs on November 19 th at 7 pm E.T on YouTube and the series’ many social channels. Following its broadcast, the set will be provided to view for 2 weeks.

Last month, Allison covered Conserving Jane’s “Woman Next Door” for the ballot rights compensation Exceptional Music to Avoid the Collapse of American Democracy.

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