Social: The time is now to try to help at the border: UN

United Nations (New York), March 9 (IANS) There are countless stories of Ukrainian refugees’ journeys as they flee their homes in search of shelter in neighbouring countries.

Now the Head of the United Nation’s refugee agency, UNHCR, has said the focus needs to be on helping refugees at the borders, Reuters news agency reported.

Speaking at a press conference in Stockholm, the UNHCR High Commissioner Filippo Grandi said, “The time is now to try to help at the border”, rather than having discussions about how refugees should be divided between countries, the BBC reported.

He pointed out that Moldova, which is not a member of the EU and shares a border with Ukraine, is particularly vulnerable due to the influx of refugees.

On Saturday, Moldova’s Foreign Minister said the country was “near breaking point”.

Grandi added that the number of refugees who have left since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began has probably reached between 2.1 and 2.2 million.