Sofia Hayat accuses Salman Khan of ‘using the same stuff ‘

Sofia Hayat accused Salman Khan of “using the same stuff ”before releasing a movie.

In a long post on Instagram, the grand boss 7 competitor also revealed why she chose not to appear on scene at the Great leader final with Salman.

She claimed it was because “(his) morality and truth is stronger than (son) ego ”.

Sofia said of the megastar of Bollywood:

“Salman Khan was using the same stuff every time he pulls out a movie.

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“He frees on Eid, using the religious holiday as a promotional day, benefiting from a spiritual day.

“He also releases the same cliché plots, same cheesy looks to camera, same cliché girl meets boy story, (always using a younger model every time, isn’t it time to choose a girl from ton age for star in face from you?), and the same cheesy cliché lines.

“What he didn’t do was grow up.

“Its audiences have clearly grown and are feeding up with the same regurgitated stories that are quite clearly mind-numbing, even watching the trailer of Radhe, I thought, haven’t I seen it all of that before?

Sofia is gone on say that Randeep Hooda is role in Radhe Has been affected.

“Watching Randeep Hooda was painful. He is a good actor, and son acting game is lost on such over the top and poorly written role.

“Did he take the role because he must work with Salman because it gives him credibility?

“It’s the issue with Industry. The roles are taken for prestige.

“Imagine if Randeep said ‘the character is poorly written and very cliché’.

“He would probably have been kicked out of Bollywood.

“I myself chose not to appear on step on BB final next to Salman because my morality and truth is stronger than my ego.

“We have entered the golden age and humanity possesses evolved in all way.

“The people of India is not stupid, it is intelligent and is changing every day.

“Maybe Salman should try that too. Namaste Shalom Salaam Satnam Mother Sofia Maria Hayat Cosmic Mother #radhe.

Sofia Hayat’s review of Salman attracted a lot of attention, including Kamaal R Khan.

KRK replied, “You are a brave girl @sofiahayat! Keep it up! “

KRK was involved in an argument with Salman after actor filed libel complaint against him.

However, KRK said it was in reprisals for son negative review of Radhe: your most wanted Bhai.

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