Solskjaer justifies the scandal .. And Klopp reveals his secret with Salah

London – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had the courage to admit being responsible for the scandal of the El Clasico match against Liverpool, which took place at Old Trafford after Sunday afternoon, and ended with an unprecedented victory for the guests, with five clear goals, at the end of the ninth week of the English Premier League. Speaking to Sky Sport after the match, the Scandinavian manager said: “It’s not easy to say something about the blinds with the players. As strong as Liverpool, but unfortunately we made it.” He added: “It is true that we managed to create some chances, but they were more decisive and after the third goal the game was clinically killed. Who is responsible for the defeat? perfection, and I set the way to face the match, but it didn’t go well, and the opponent gave us ample space, and because they have good players, they managed to score 5 goals. ” He also considered it the worst defeat of his training trip, and more painful than the defeat to Tottenham 6-1 last season, and said in this regard: “As a Manchester United player, I understand very well that it is worse than defeating. Tottenham for miles however I will not receive it, we have come a long way Big, and we as a group have made the most of the end, so it is difficult to give up now. “In the end, he admitted the complexity of the task of making things right in the short term. in light of the difficult confrontations that await the players after the moral collapse in front of the traditional local rival, saying: “It will be a difficult task, we know that we are in bottom, we can not be worse than So, let’s see how we deal in the next period. “On the other hand the German Jurgen Klopp sang his men in Liverpool, captained by the star of the match, Mohamed Salah, after his three goals – a hat-trick historical -, taking advantage of the situation, to reassure the fans about the future of the pharaoh with the club, after recent conflicting news about his fate in “Anfield Road” said: “His ability to deal with the hype around him shows that he likes football, and I know his first wish is to retire to Liverpool and I understand the situation very well.” Instead, he refused to exaggerate the celebration of the triumphant victory over his historic rival, saying: “We will not celebrate like crazy, we must respect the opponent, we were at our best and in some moments we were lucky. Excellent, but we understand the quality of these matches and we have learned from the Aston Villa match, and I think we will be better in the next phase ”. With this win, Liverpool continued to chase Chelsea in top of the Premier League, reaching 21st point, one point behind the Champions League holder. As for Salah, he was the top scorer of the competition with 10 goals, a difference of 3 goal complete by his closest followers.

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