Solskjaer sacked by Manchester United

Reports confirmed on Sunday that Manchester United’s board of directors decided to fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, in an emergency meeting held late Saturday evening.

And, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, Joel Glazer, owner of Manchester United, has agreed to the decision to sack Solskjaer. According to the newspaper, the match, which lasted hours, was called up after the “Red Devils” defeat against Watford 4-1.

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And the “Daily Mail”, which United will negotiate with Solskjaer on financial matters, criminal conditions and compensation. The newspaper pointed out that the club has set his visions for the next stage following the departure of Solskjaer. The Daily Mail also confirmed that there is a trend in Manchester United to adopt Darren Fletcher as the team’s temporary manager in the transition phase, until a new manager is selected.

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