Somali stabs 4 women and children in Italy

Italian police arrested a Somali asylum seeker after stabbing four women and a six-year-old boy in the resort town of Rimini on Saturday night. According to the Italian news agency (ANSA).

The agency said investigators currently rule out terrorism as the motive for this crime.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese called the incident “extremely dangerous” and said in a statement that will be in Rimini on Monday for a meeting on safety.

THE media Italians reported that the man injured two women looking at tickets on a bus with a knife, then fled and then stabbed three other people, including the child.

The agency said the 26-year-old Somali was in Italy for a few months and had applied for refugee status.

He added that it was in Europe since 2015 and had already applied for refugee status in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

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