Somalia: Al-Shabab attacks an African Union camp

A local tribal sheikh and the Somali Al-Shabab movement announced that the movement carried out an attack with a car bomb and weapons on a camp belonging to the African Union Mission forces in the Shabelle region in the center of the country.

“The strong explosions occurred early in the morning, at the base of the African Union Mission, followed by a heavy firefight,” said tribal Sheikh Mohamed Nour of Al-Barf, about 130 km north of the capital Mogadishu. according to Reuters.

Al-Shabab, which has been fighting for years to overthrow the central government, claimed responsibility for the attack.

And he affirmed in a statement that its elements have launched a pre-dawn raid in a military base of the African Union Mission in Al-Barf in the Shabelle region.

He also added that after a fierce battle, the fighters were in able to invade the base and now have complete control of the entire military base. “

Al-Shabab has repeatedly carried out bombings and firearms attacks in Mogadishu and elsewhere as part of its war against the central government in the Horn of Africa country.

He also repeatedly targeted soldiers serving in the maintenance mission of the pace of the African Union.

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