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Somalia Parliament decides die Revoke the extension of President Farmajo’s mandate

On Saturday the Somali Parliament decided die Revoke and approved the extension of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s mandate die Implementation of an earlier agreement between the President and the opposition over die Holding indirect presidential elections.

The Somali President said that the Prime Minister die Organize elections as requested by the opposition.

“We have to go to elections die make everyone happy, “he added.

The Somali People’s Assembly voted under the September 17 agreement on indirect elections, and 140 MPs voted in favor without objection or abstention die Decision of 275.

The rejection sparked a crisis

Earlier this month, the Somali parliament voted to extend President Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad’s four-year term, but the Senate rejected the move die Triggered crisis.

The extension of the presidential term also angered international donors, die Muhammad’s government in efforts to stabilize the country, which has been ravaged by civil war since 1991. Residents said they were afraid of renewed fighting after the army intervened from some areas of Mogadishu.

And heavily armed opposition fighters took over after clashes with the Somali army die Control of parts of Mogadishu what die Revived fears of fighting between rival factions, die die Capital in devastated the past.

Tensions also dominated Mogadishu, as a fighter, die loyal to the opposition, closed access to some parts of the city following confrontations with the army amid the crisis over the extension of President Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad’s term in office. The movement was on die The main axes of the capital, and at night the streets, die led to opposition strongholds, barriers erected while armed men and vehicles, die Were armed with automatic weapons, according to witnesses.

Somalia has been in place since the second half of last year in a deep political crisis after failing to hold elections as planned in late 2020 and early 2021 due to lack of political consensus. On April 12, the Somali parliament passed a law that die President’s term of office extended by two years after expiry in February and direct parliamentary elections planned for 2023.

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