Someone Call Security: These Exes Had A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Battle On Catfish

A Catfish might not have fists, but the show’s newest fraud however put up his dukes after an extraordinary ambush and started a type of brawl the show hasn’t seen in nearly 10 years.

On the most recent episode, Nev and co-host Kamie jetted off to Sanford, North Carolina to satisfy Alfred, who had actually just recently broken up with his boyfriend of 6 years and moved out of the couple’s home. Why did the relationship break down? For one, Alfred said, he and his now-ex Antonnio weren’t even having sex any longer.

” He doesn’t let me speak about my sensations, either. It’s been the exact same damn issue for six damn years,” Alfred said.

Alfred continued to explain how, about a year before he moved out, he ‘d begun talking to a military serviceman named Adonis. Alfred, who ‘d confessed to unfaithful on Antonnio, had actually encountered the 24- year-old on Facebook apparently out of nowhere; Adonis had no social media accounts (he had Facebook Messenger without Facebook).

Later, as Nev and Kamie performed some sleuthing, they found that a person of Adonis’ photos in fact belonged to a Virginia man called Dom, who confirmed that he didn’t know anyone named Alfred. Even worse, after looking up Antonnio’s ex-boyfriend, Vance, Nev and Kamie found that Vance had actually posted a regional newspaper article about Catfish visiting town, making him a most likely suspect.

Nev and Kamie lost no time at all jetting over to Alfred’s home to pass on the intel, once there, triggers flew: Antonnio showed up out of nowhere and began an argument with Alfred about his unfaithful, his abrupt move-out and his fixation on Adonis. It was a straight-up Catfish ambush, and Nev and Kamie were only able to view in astonishment.

And to ensure it was a moment no one would forget, Antonnio dropped this bombshell: “The reason why you can’t find an individual is since I’m Adonis, bitch!”

As if he was a bull who had actually seen red, Alfred wound up and throttled Antonnio, tossing him to the ground before a full-blown battle appeared. The 2 continued to combat up until Nev and security separated them, but even then, the fury stuck around. Still, they concurred that once they cooled down, they ‘d hash out their problems at last.

After sleeping on the event, Antonnio told Nev and Kamie that Alfred had actually exaggerated the dearth of sex in the relationship and included that Alfred had devastated him by unfaithful. Antonnio said Alfred had vowed to never cheat once again, however Antonnio wasn’t sure he might trust him.

” It simply felt great to be able to talk with him,” Antonnio said.

Antonnio said he still loved Alfred and wanted fix their relationship, however they couldn’t put the pieces back together. Alfred validated in a catch-up call two months later on that he and Antonnio had, undoubtedly, made their breakup final– however included that they ‘d end up being pals once again.

And while the story of Alfred and Antonnio was far from a fairy tale, the exes won’t soon be forgotten.

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