Son Eduardo of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and minister of Agriculture Test

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo and the Brazilian minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, both tested positive for COVID-19 after high-profile trips abroad, potentially dozens to be exposed of others to the virus.

Cristina is the second member of the cabinet of the president must be diagnosed with the virus after The making of announcement on Twitter on Friday morning. The minister Bolsonaro’s Health Director Marcelo Queiroga said earlier this week that he had tested positive during the Brazilian delegation’s trip to the United Nations General Assembly. in New York and isolate in the United States.

It brings the count of positive cases in the inner circle of the unvaccinated president to at least three.

Edward, who had joined to be father on the trip to New York, also said on Twitter on Friday that he tested positive this week, adding that he previously had a first dose of the Pfizer shot.

In photos posted to his Instagram account days earlier, he can be seen visiting the office of gettr, An social media platform led by former President Donald Trump’s adviser Jason Miller. He is shown in close to proximity to others indoors when they are not wearing a mask.

bolsonaro, who had a case of the virus last July, has been widely criticized for his treatment of the pandemic and has repeatedly approved unproven drugs in the treatment of COVID-19 while suggesting he was undecided over whether or not to vaccinate.

During a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who praising the AstraZeneca vaccine, Bolsonaro said he hadn’t gotten the shot.

“Get AstraZeneca Vaccines,” Johnson Said During His Meeting with bolsonaro, according to a video divided by the Guardian. “I’m fed up with it twice.”

As he pointed to himself and met wagged a finger, replied Bolsonaro via an interpreter: “Not yet.”

The Brazilian president said he had canceled a trip and in enough insulation in Brasilia since Wednesday after he learned it of his health chief’s diagnosis.

During a weekly livestream, Bolsonaro appeared to be a harbinger of the announcements when on Thursday night he said that two more people had tested positive and, while declining to name them, he said they were both vaccinated and well-known figures, Reuters reported:.

On Friday, after publicly disclosing her illness, Cristina said: on Twitter that she would continue to isolate based on on medical advice and be well. According to her public schedule, she was not part of the delegation die traveled to New York for the UN General Assembly, but recently met with G20 ministers in Italy. On Wednesday she has popped up in photos shared on facebook with The Brazilian minister of Infrastructure Tarcísio Freitas who is not wearing a mask.

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