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Songwriter Syleena Johnson States That Fans Should Listen To R. Kelly’s Music Guilt-Free


Fans of Syleena Johnson understand that she and R. Kelly have really interacted in the past, a truth the singer-songwriter just recently dealt with and acknowledged.

Following the reports of rape and molestation versus R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, the conversation surrounding whether it’s okay to enjoy an artist’s work, despite the fact that they did horrible things, has actually made its rounds on social media.

Surprisingly, wedding event DJs and other party-planners have actually kept in mind that audiences appear to be completely okay with playing Michael Jackson music at wedding events, however R. Kelly is a no-go almost 100% of the time. Part of the factor, as some fans have actually specified, is that Michael died years back and can’t protect himself versus the claims.

Regardless, the very same fate does not exist for Kelly, whose fans appear to have mostly turned their backs on him. Page 6 claims that Johnson, nevertheless, has actually advised fans to continue listening to the music without regret. According to Johnson, the claims versus Kelly have absolutely nothing to do with his music.

They aren’t related. Johnson stated in an interview that she does not think individuals should feel guilty or accountable about taking pleasure in somebody’s art, despite the fact that they may’ve taken part in doubtful habits. If society were realistically constant, Johnson highlighted how such an idea would play out.

For example, if society and the culture weren’t allowed to enjoy the work of an artist who was implicated of criminal activities and disobediences, we might no longer see a Quentin Tarantino film, produced by Harvey Weinstein, or enjoy any of Costs Cosby’s work.

The claims versus Costs Cosby, R. Kelly, and Harvey Weinstein have actually definitely tainted the tradition of lots of well-known movies and productions, a minimum of according to somefans Weinstein produced almost all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, consisting of Eliminate Costs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and more.


R. Kelly, on the other hand, has a few of the more renowned tunes of the 1990 s, consisting of “Ignition,” and “I Believe I Can Fly.”

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