Sony Playstation Plus Subscription Prices Set to Skyrocket: How to Get a Better Deal Before the Price Hike on September 6

Sony Announces Price Increase for PS Plus Subscriptions

Sony has announced a forthcoming increase in the price of PS Plus subscriptions, which will disappoint PlayStation enthusiasts. PS Plus grants PS5 owners access to online multiplayer, voice chat, and exclusive monthly games on the console, making it an outstanding value proposition for serious gamers.

Price Rise Starting September 6

Beginning September 6, the cost of PS Plus will significantly increase, adding an extra £20 per year for the same features. The new prices are as follows:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential rises from £49.99 to £59.99 (12-month plan)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra rises from £83.99 to £99.99 (12-month plan)
  • PlayStation Plus Premium rises from £99.99 to £119.99 (12-month plan)

Although the upcoming price increase for PS Plus is considerable, there are ways to capitalize on the current pricing prior to September 6. Various third-party websites are presently offering PS Plus codes at a more affordable rate than the current price, providing a more cost-effective option in contrast to the forthcoming price hike.

One particularly popular alternative is CJS CDKeys, which is selling 12-month PS Plus codes below the typical price. It is highly recommended to seize this opportunity before stock runs out. It should be noted, however, that if you already have a subscription for the next 12 months, you will not be impacted by the price rise on September 6.

Cheap 12-Month PS Plus Deals

Here is a list of places where you can find a cheap 12-month PS Plus deal before September 6:

  • CJS CDKeys: Get Playstation Plus Premium for £20 cheaper before the price hike
  • CJS CDKeys: Get PS Plus Extra and enjoy free games while missing the price hike
  • CJS CDKeys: Lock in 12 months of PS Plus Essential before the major price increase
  • CDKeys: Get a £50 PlayStation top-up card for just £43.99 that you can use for PS Plus

If you are in search of great deals on a PS5, you can also find the best PS5 deals available.

What Sony and Gamers Have Said

Sony’s recent announcement regarding the increase in price for its PlayStation Plus subscription service has caused unease among its users. The company’s justification for the move is to ensure the maintenance of game quality and the addition of value-added benefits. However, some individuals have taken into account the price hike and are considering canceling their subscriptions as a result.

A Reddit user, Certified_human1, has detailed the process of canceling a PS Plus subscription, leading to a discussion in the comments section about other users’ cancellations due to the price hike. Some users have expressed their intention to downgrade to the Essential tier, while others have cited their extensive backlog of games as reasons for canceling their subscription altogether.

PlayStation enthusiasts have the chance to lock in their subscriptions at the present rate, notwithstanding the surge in price, prior to the implementation of the increase on September 6.

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