Sorry Guardian, Bungie has closed the door on Trials of Osiris this weekend

Tracks of Osiris is off to a rough start for the Season of Arrivals. Bungie has made the decision to disable Trials this weekend, due to a bug that suggested people who had actually gone Perfect might not make their journey to the Lighthouse.

We are examining an issue where players are not able to go to the Lighthouse after completing a Perfect Trials Passage.

Trials of Osiris has been disabled for the rest of the weekend, and will be not available up until this issue can be solved.

Stay tuned for updates.

— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) June 12, 2020

Trials of Osiris is Fate 2’s leading PvP activity where teams of 3 throw down on a random map eachweekend The doors open on Fridays, and the weekend is filled with teams attempting to get a Perfectrun Going Perfect ways winning 7 matches in a row, against progressively hard competition, up until you are the one team who emerges triumphant. Handling to pull it off nets you a journey to the Lighthouse, and some extremely unusual loot that just the top players will ever get their hands on.

Sadly, players who handled to go Perfect this weekend encountered a problem when they were not able to take that journey to the Lighthouse and get theirrewards In spite of their screens of skill, no special rewards were waiting at the end of their probably sweaty matches.

Season of Arrivals has, sadly, been hit with a couple of bugs because it introduced this week. Some quests have actually been badgered, significance players can not progress in the game, while others have actually been saddled with a stock full of Umbral Engrams that they can not translate, implying they can’t pick up any other Engrams.

In a way, it is reasonable, as we think of much of the work for this season was done with everybody working from home, however it is still a regrettable start to the new season after last season left numerous players desiringmore Ideally, Bungie will have the ability to get it all arranged rapidly, and Trials will be back next weekend.

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