Sources for Al Doha Bank intends to take in $ 350 million loan for 3 years

Bank sources reported to Al that the Doha Bank, one of the largest Commercial banks in Qatar Asset-wise and publicly traded on the money market, it is looking for a three-year loan worth $ 350 million in its second return to global debt markets questyear, after the financing obtained by the bank at the beginning of quest’year.

The sources added that the bank will arrange the loan itself and that the loan includes a one-year extension option at an interest rate of approximately 85 basis points above the LIBOR rate.

According to sources, banks that provide a loan tranche in excess of $ 100 million will receive an estimated interest rate in 108 basis points on the total tranche, while banks that will finance a tranche of less than $ 100 million will receive an estimated total interest rate in 106 basis points. points.

In March of quest’year, Doha Bank also obtained a loan of approximately $ 685 million for a period of 3 years.

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