Sources reveal Sudanese army seize smuggled weapons and ammunition.

Arms smuggling intercepted by Sudanese army forces

Sudanese army forces confiscated arms and ammunition smuggled in from a foreign country on Friday evening, according to military sources.

The sources said the military intelligence division has noted the activity of a group engaged in arms smuggling in the Red Sea state and working to bring weapons and ammunition to the eastern regions and deliver them to the rapid support forces.

“We will arm the pensioners”

These developments come as the Sudanese Defense Ministry on Friday asked pensioners to go to the nearest military command to arm them.

The ministry confirmed in a communiqué that arming retirees aims to put in safety for themselves and their families.

No time limit

He also indicated that urban warfare has no time limit, stating that “rebellion” relies on citizens as human shields.

Rapid Support Forces have also been accused of looting the United Nations headquarters and carrying out attacks on Arab and foreign embassies.

More than 850 dead

Interestingly, since the outbreak of fighting between the army and the rapid support forces on April 15 (2023), the humanitarian crisis in the country has worsened and more than 1.3 million people have been forced to flee their homes. More than 850 people were killed and thousands injured.

While acts of looting and looting are spreading throughout the country due to the state of security chaos Sudan has been suffering from since the beginning of the crisis and due to clashes between the two most powerful military forces within it.

Dozens of previous truces have not held, but all hopes are now pinned on the latest truce, especially as the two sides signed it after realizing that there is no solution except through dialogue and that there will be no victory immediate for neither party, according to the United Nations.

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