Sources reveal to RT the secret of the new Egyptian weapons "SS – 60"

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi aims to boost military industrialization in Egypt by developing military factories to produce a range of weapons in partnership with foreign companies.

And military sources told RT details about the new Egyptian weapon “CC-60”, which is a naval corvette, on the production of which Tranasat-Alexandria is working in partnership with the German company Luersen, specializing in the naval military industry.

Sources confirmed that the Corvette has a design based on the best modern world standards, as it is characterized by a full ghost hull, characterized by low radar visibility, and a low level of the drive axle from sea level, which allows to increase the degree of radar stealth.

The light Egyptian corvette SS-60 will be equipped with radars from the French company Thales, and the first and main radar is Smart-S MK2, which is a radar for tracking and detecting air and sea targets from the PESA 3D category. radars with a maximum range of 250 km, which is the same as the Gowind radar, and can detect sea targets at a maximum range of 80 km, and can also detect and track up to 750 targets together. It works in S-BAND frequency. The radar in the picture is green. The second radar STIR-1.2 manufactured by Thales is also designed for fire control.

The radar operates on two different frequencies. It can operate on the K-band frequency with a range of more than 35 km. It directs medium-range air defense missiles. It operates on the L-band frequency with a range of 120 km. km. It can direct long-range missiles. The corvette is also equipped with an optoelectronic system.

According to sources, the corvette will be armed with a 76mm main cannon, as well as two 30mm DS30M Mark 2 cannons capable of hitting air and sea targets at ranges of up to 5km, with each cannon armed with 5 to 7 short-barreled guns. – anti-aircraft missile with a range of 9 km, a speed of Mach 1.5 and a warhead mass of 3 kg.

Source: RT