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Sources: The Sudanese army provides notes on the draft constitution

Three sources told Reuters that Sudanese military leaders have provided notes on the draft constitution as a basis for internationally mediated talks. in a sign of easing of the one-year political stalemate.

The draft constitution, prepared by the Sudanese Bar Association, provides for the handing over of the country to an interim civil administration under the supervision of the armed forces, which should leave the political scene after the signing of the agreement.

But the draft constitution is opposed by the Islamists who took power under former President Omar al-Bashir and protested the talks last Saturday, as well as a protest movement that has been organizing mass demonstrations for more than a year.

The military took power in October 2021, blocking the transition to democratic elections after Bashir was ousted in a 2019 riot.

A new deal would lead to a resumption of reforms and attract much needed foreign funding.

Sources revealed that the talks, which began informally last month, with the participation of the Army and the Forces coalition of Freedom and Change, which shared power with the military before taking power, have now begun to expand under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Sudan.

The talks have the support of the Quartet of the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Sudanese Revolutionary Front, which represents most of the rebel groups in the country, said Wednesday in a statement that he was participating in the operation.

In response to the draft constitution, the military demanded that it be allowed to appoint its own commander in chief, according to a person familiar with the notes, which also include the military’s view of restructuring and abandoning some of its economic activities.

Two sources from the Forces of Freedom and Change said an agreement was reached with the coalition not to prosecute senior army officers, but added that consultations will continue on a larger scale on issues of immunity and transitional justice. .

Protesters have called for a trial of generals for the killing of protesters and other violations since 2019, expressing their rejection of the idea of ​​immunity.

Sources indicated that the new deal will also include participation from the People’s Congress Party and the Democratic Unionist Party, which the protesters reject for their participation in the Bashir regime, but have since distanced themselves from Bashir’s loyalists.

“We are an essential part of the agreements aimed at finding a political solution and are communicating with political parties and (United Nations Mission in Sudan) UNITAMS “, said Kamal Omar, political secretary of the People’s Congress Party.

Osama Hassouna, a Democratic Unionist Party official, said his party supports the draft constitution and the UN-led political process.

The Islamic movement led by al-Bashir still has a strong presence in the army and security apparatus, and has been able to return to public life in the past year since the last military measures.

On Tuesday, pro-democracy groups accused Bashir’s loyalists of storming the headquarters of the Sudanese Bar Association and attacking lawyers inside.

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