South Africa. More than 80 people appear in court on gang rape charges

More than 80 people appeared before a South African court on Monday after the gang rape of 8 women, which caused a great shock in this country where violent crimes are frequent, but prisoners have not been charged for the crime of rape in particular.

Last Thursday, a group of armed men stormed the set of a music video and raped eight young women who were part of the cast near Krugersdorp, a town west of Johannesburg.

No one has yet been charged with the crime of gang rape, but police have accused illegal immigrants working in the area’s mines and arrested 84 people during a raid.

Police sources reported that two suspects were killed in a fire fight with the police and a third was injured.

The detainees appeared today (Monday) before a court on the grounds of having illegally entered the country and possessing stolen property.

National Police Chief Fannie Massimola said it is in An investigation was conducted to determine whether the suspects were involved in the rape.

An AFP correspondent reported that a small group of protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demand justice, with signs saying “No protection for rapists” and “Will I be the next victim?” and “My body is not a crime scene”.

For his part, President Cyril Ramaphosa described these “horrific atrocities” as “an insult to the rights of women and young women”, stating that “rapists have no place in our society”.

“What happened in Krugersdorp is a shame for the nation,” said police minister Becky Seely. in a press conference, adding that the victims would suffer the consequences “for life”.

This tragedy fueled the debate in South Africa on whether to introduce chemical castration of rapists.

Pressure is also increasing on the government, whose opponents say the security forces are not equipped to fight crime. in a country that has one of the highest murder rates in the world and has recently witnessed bloody shootings.