South Korea accepts new generation naval destroyer

Naval News reported that South Korea recently landed a new generation naval destroyer it has developed for its army.

“On Thursday, July 28, Hyundai Heavy Industries launched the new KDX-III Class II Batch 2, developed for the South Korean Navy,” the website said.

The site indicates that the ship was developed under contracts signed by the South Korean Ministry of Defense with (HHI) in 2019 in the amount of $ 565 million, and under these contracts, the ship is expected to be transferred to the Korean army in 2024, and two more ships of this type expected to be handed over in 2026.

The length of each of the ships of the KDX-III class “Party 2” is about 170 m, width – 14 m, displacement – 8300 tons. SAAM anti-aircraft targets, 127-mm guns and 324-mm torpedoes.

Source: Weapons of Russia