South Korea develops air force to combat conventional submarines

Naval News has announced that South Korea is working on building a new air force for its navy to fight enemy submarines.

“The South Korean navy has begun to form its own aviation force aimed at conducting anti-submarine operations, and local media hastened to call this force (submarine killers),” the website said.

Starting from 2023, the South Korean Naval Aviation Command will receive six P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft equipped with 10 radars with a detection range of 800 km, which will have a speed of 907 km / h and an operational range of 7500 km. These aircraft will be equipped with Harpoon missiles and anti-torpedoes. For ships and submarines.

In addition to the aforementioned aircraft, the South Korean Navy will also receive MH-60R Seahawk helicopters, as it will receive 12 helicopters of this type by 2025, which will be equipped with special radar and reconnaissance instruments, as well as anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles.

It is also expected that the South Korean Air Command will cooperate with the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet through the Air Operations Coordination Council, which will increase the possibility of interoperability between the armed forces of the two countries.

Source: Weapons of Russia