South Korea is developing a new generation of naval destroyers

Naval News reported that South Korea is developing a next-generation naval destroyer for its army.

A post on the website read, “Hyundai Heavy Industries won the tender for the development of a new category Batch 2 KDX-III type military destroyer, the tender was valued at 670 billion won (about 514 million US dollars). ) of new modified KDX-III ships and deliver the last of these ships to the South Korean army by 2028.”

The second batch that the South Korean army will receive from the new Class III ships will differ from the ships of the first batch in that each ship will have a length of 170 meters, a width of 21 meters, and a displacement of 8,300 tons. .

The weapons system of these ships will include modern SM-2 anti-aircraft missiles, SSM-700K anti-svoboda missiles, Hyunmoo-III cruise missiles with a range of 1500 km, K-SAAM anti-aircraft missiles, 127-mm guns and 324-mm and 30-mm torpedoes machine guns.

It is also possible that these ships will receive the latest American SM-6 anti-aircraft missiles, capable of fighting both ballistic missiles and ground and sea targets.

Source: Weapons of Russia