South Korea Reveals Project to Build Armed Large-Scale Submarines at MADEX 2023 Exhibition

South Korea Works on Building Large-Scale Military Submarines: Naval News

Naval News reported that South Korea is working on a project to build large-scale military submarines.

Details of the Project Revealed

The site indicates that the South Korean company Hanwha Ocean, during the MADEX 2023 exhibition, revealed its project, which it is working on, to develop large XLUUV-class marching submarines.

A Rare Development

Depending on the location, the development of this type of submarine has become the focus of many countries in recent years, but the development of combat armed submarines is still rare. For example, companies from Israel, France and Germany have announced projects to develop XLUUV class submarines. But these submarines will not be armed, and even the ORCA submarines identified by the United States will only be able to lay sea mines.

Unique Features of Hanwha Ocean’s Submarines

For its part, Hanwha Ocean has said it is equipping its large submarines with two torpedo launch tubes, something only India and China have announced. The company said each of the waiting submarines would be 23 meters long, displace the equivalent of 60 tons, and be capable of launching heavy 533mm Tiger Shark torpedoes.

Source of the News

Source: Weapons of Russia

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