South Korean Companies to Showcase Latest Warships and Military Industry at MADEX 2023

The Latest in South Korea’s Military Industry Showcased at MADEX 2023

Naval News announced that South Korean companies will showcase their latest warships and military industry during MADEX 2023.

Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Latest Projects on Display

According to the site, the South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries will showcase its latest projects related to the production of warships at the exhibition, including models of the new generation of destroyers such as KDDX and light aircraft carriers CVX, which it is developing for the benefit of the South Korean army, and will also show its aircraft carriers for the first time. ships “March” and military patrol ships “OPV” intended for the international market.

New Generation of Combat Destroyers in the Works

The site states that Hyundai Heavy Industries signed agreements with the South Korean Navy in 2020 to develop a new generation of combat destroyers, and the company is currently working on this project, and in 2024 it is expected to sign a contract to manufacture the first of these ships, and it is assumed that that the ship will enter service with the South Korean Navy in 2023.

Pursuing the Development of Light Aircraft Carriers

South Korea in the past two years has suspended the project to develop light aircraft carriers for its army due to budget constraints, but has not abandoned the idea, and Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding are competing to implement this project, as the first to sign strategic cooperation agreements with a British company Babcock to design an aircraft carrier, Daewoo Shipbuilding also entered into a similar alliance with Italy’s Fincantieri.


Source: Weapons of Russia

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