South Korean military: North Korea has launched an ICBM

South Korea’s military said North Korea launched a “suspected ICBM” on Friday.

A defense official said South Korea’s general staff “believes North Korea has launched an ICBM,” without elaborating.

In response, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the North Korean missile launch was “totally unacceptable”, explaining that the missile “fell in sea”.

“The ballistic missile launched by North Korea appears to have landed in our exclusive economic zone in western Hokkaido,” Kishida said, noting that no ships or planes were damaged.

The development comes amid an unprecedented spate of missile fire from Pyongyang in the face of joint US-South Korea military exercises.

And i test missiles are prohibited by United Nations Security Council resolutions in under the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang over its missile and nuclear programmes, according to Reuters.

On Thursday morning, Seoul’s military announced that Pyongyang had launched a “ballistic missile” into the Sea of ​​Japan, and this came hours after Pyongyang warned of a “more aggressive” military response to the United States and its allies. regional.

The North Korean Central News Agency said on Thursday that its military response to joint military exercises between the United States and its allies will turn into more “anger”, accusing Washington and Seoul of escalating the security crisis in the region.

North Korea’s foreign minister said in a statement, reported by the official KCNA, that the recent tripartite summit held by the United States, South Korea and Japan will bring matters on the Korean peninsula to an increasingly unpredictable situation.

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