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South Korean military: North Korea launched a ballistic missile

The South Korean military said on Wednesday that North Korea launched an unidentified ballistic missile towards the East Sea.

YTN television reported that an air strike warning was issued on Ulleung Island in South Korea close to the time of the missile launch.

A spokesperson for the South Korean army also said they were checking whether the air strike warning was related to the missile launch.

This launch comes after North Korea called on the United States and South Korea on Monday to halt large-scale military exercises in the region, describing it as a provocation that could require ” follow-up stronger “from Pyongyang, according to the Korean Central News Agency, citing a statement from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The largest joint military air exercise

The United States and South Korea began one of the largest joint military air exercises on Monday, in which hundreds of warplanes from both sides conducted round-the-clock strike drills for most of the week.

The US Air Force has stated that the operation, dubbed “Awakening Storm”, will continue until Friday, with the participation of about 240 warplanes, carrying out about 1,600 sorties.

Washington and Seoul believe that Pyongyang may be on the verge of resuming test of nuclear bombs for the first time since 2017 and have adopted a strategy of “deterring” Pyongyang with major military exercises, which some current and former officials say could exacerbate tensions.

In response to the maneuvers of the allies

North Korea tested a number record of missiles questyear and claimed that the latest wave of launches was in response to allied maneuvers.

In turn, the United States announced the imposition of new sanctions on North Korea, in response to his recent test missiles.

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