Spain is developing new naval research ships for its army

Infodefensa has announced that Spain is working on a project to develop new offshore research vessels for its fleet.

The site quotes the head of the Spanish company Navantia: “Our company plans to supply the Spanish Navy with three new ships, two of which will be used for marine research. As soon as the government approves funding for the project, we will begin engineering design. stage of construction of these ships.

The Spanish media had previously indicated: “The country’s defense minister announced last October a government program that guarantees the construction of two new ships for marine research, and that the country’s science ministry plans to replace the only Oceanic research ship in the country, Hespérides, and obtain for it new ship.”

Navantia is currently working on a contract to supply the Spanish Navy with the BAM-IS rescue and support vessel, which will replace the aging rescue vessel Neptuno.

According to available information, the BAM-IS ship will be 85 m long, 18 m wide, have a displacement equivalent to 5,000 tons, and will be able to carry a crew of 48 people, as well as 36 additional people.

Source: Weapons of Russia