Speak Kyle Rittenhouse for First time after the acquittal

Kyle Rittenhouse shared his thoughts after a Wisconsin jury acquitted him of murder charges. The teenager was accused of offenses after shooting two to death people in amidst the riots in Kenosha.

“The jury has reached the correct verdict. Himself-defense it’s not illegal “ Rittenhouse said, as he was being filmed riding in the back seat of a car. “I’m glad everything went well.”

“It was a difficult journey, but us made through. We made across the hard part,” the teenager said in a teaser for the next Fox News documentary about his case.

The jury cleared Rittenhouse of all crime charges, including first- degree of voluntary homicide, on Friday, after more three days of resolutions.

The prosecution alleged that Rittenhouse, who he was 17 at the time and was armed with a rifle in AR-15 style, had broken the law by killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz amid the protests and riots of the BLM in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020.

Rittenhouse claimed he was defending himself against an aggressive person, and then against an angry mob chasing him.

The teenager struggled to control his emotions during the process, both when … took the stand and when he heard the verdict in Court. Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards said he received advice for PTSD and had trouble sleeping.

Rittenhouse itself has expanded on his struggles in the documentary. “It’s the stuff that keeps you up at night. Once you finally fall asleep, your dreams are about what happened and you are waking up up [in] cold dessert, “ he said, adding that after the accident in Kenosha had nightmares “every single night.”

I’m alive but what could have happened? Like, what if I’m not alive? Or what if I let Mr. Rosenbaum steal me? gun?

“Almost every result is that I get badly injured, or hurt, or dead. They are just the dreams I have on daily basis” Rittenhouse said.

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