Special commission: “The Iraqi flour scandal in Lebanon”

What is die History of Iraqi flour in Lebanon … and why came die Thing to a scandal?

Ten thousand tons die Iraq gave the Lebanese as a gift, where did it go?

Has die corruption die humanitarian aid for die Poor in Lebanon reached? Who is responsible for spoiling Iraqi flour in Lebanon?

Ask, die the “Special Mission” team was looking for answers, however die Acts of corruption in Lebanon are delicate and dangerous … political, economic, health, financial and service corruption.
The hands of the spoilers were not satisfied with the capabilities of the state, but extended up die financial and material aid, die Lebanon received, and die Greed by some reached the point of confiscating donations of tea, fish, health tools and medicines, and many of the donations to Lebanon, especially after the bombing of the Beirut port die the most recent was the flour provided by the Iraqi state.

The waste of ten thousand tons die Iraq had given to the Lebanese last October, three thousand of whom were distributed to a number of camps and ovens, and die the remaining seven were in preparation under the bleachers of the sports city in Beirut stored for their distribution within two weeks, but it didn’t.

Iraqi flour, which kept the price of a bundle of bread stable in Lebanon for some time, quickly lost this ability. The bundle of bread, which is believed to be the bread of the poor, had a price of fifteen hundred Lebanese pounds. Today the price is constantly rising and the Lebanese citizen is at a loss.

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