Specialist doctor predicts what will happen to coronavirus in a year

Only in a year will it be possible to definitively say that the Coronavirus has become a seasonal disease similar to the flu, said Dr. Vladislav Zhimchogov, a specialist in especially dangerous infectious diseases.

In his opinion, there are two scenarios for the end of this epidemic. One is the transmission of a coronavirus infection to a seasonal illness, such as the flu.

The expert added: “SARS-CoV-2 will spread among people all the time – that is, it will move from the southern hemisphere to the northern. Now that we have summer, winter is in full swing in the southern hemisphere. Next spring, we will see if this wave ends. Like the flu, or it won’t go away and stay until the summer. It must take some time, then we’ll see [coronavirus] It has become seasonal.

But the most likely scenario for the development of events, the expert considers the transition of coronavirus into a state of natural focal infection. In this case, the virus can find a “host” – its carrier in nature.

He said: “When a person’s herd immunity level drops, he will no longer provide protection, which will [coronavirus] It blooms again in human society – this is how the Ebola epidemic occurs.

Source: TASS