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Specific operations of the Jordanian army on the Syrian border . 27 traffickers were killed


Today, Thursday, the Jordanian military announced that it had foiled numerous infiltrating and smuggling attempts across the border with Syria, which resulted in the killing of 27 traffickers.

In a statement, it is stated that the eastern military region, in coordination with the security services, carried out “simultaneous qualitative operations on several fronts” at dawn today, in implementation of the directives of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “to change the rules of engagement”.

These operations thwarted “attempts to infiltrate and smuggle large quantities of narcotics from Syrian territory to Jordan”, according to the statement.

An official military source from the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces said that “the new rules of engagement were applied to traffickers who were supported by other armed groups, which resulted in the killing of 27 people, injuring a number of them. of traffickers, and their flight into the Syrian abyss ».

He continued: “Due to the difficult weather conditions and the accumulation of snow, a preliminary inspection of thearea and large quantities of drugs have been found, “noting that” they still are in conducting search and search operations to ensure that thearea it is free from people and narcotics. “

The source confirmed that the Jordanian Armed Forces “are moving forward and continuing to apply the newly established rules of engagement and will strike with an iron hand, and will face with full force and firmness any infiltration or smuggling attempts to protect the borders, and to prevent anyone who begs to tamper with Jordan’s national security. “

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