Spider-Man to Miles Morales and Spider-Woman: Two New Superhero Films in Production

The Future of Spider-Man: Two New Films in the Works

We hope you like Spider-Man because we will hear about him and his universe for a long time to come! The friendly neighborhood spider already has a busy 2023, between the release of the animated film Across The Spider-Verse and the arrival this fall of the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Subsequently, two new films centered on the world of super-heroes will emerge in the years to come, reports in an article published yesterday.

Live Action Spider-Man Film with Miles Morales

The first film will be live action with Miles Morales as the main character. With the events of the last film released in theaters this May 31, the villain would be found (sinceon had the opportunity to observe The Stalker, villain from Into The Spider-Verse, but this time from an alternate universe and played by Childish Gambino). No wonder it’s the last version of Spider-Man which is highlighted, he who gained popularity after the video game of Insomniac Games and the previous animated feature film, Into The Spider-Verse. However, the other feature film in preparation could well overshadow our African-American hero.

Spider-Woman in the Center of Attention

Eh yes, because an animated film about Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman) in the same style as Across The Spider-Verse is also in production. Put on the front of the stage in the last feature film, the character is played by Issa Rae. Rumor has it director Olivia Wilde (Don’t Worry Darling) is in charge. When the producer is questioned on this subject by Variety, she declares: “you will see all this (…) it is being prepared”. One could imagine a feature film where Spider-Woman goes in search of her female alter-egos in order to fight a common enemy. Hailee Steinfeld, interpreter of Gwen Stacy, even declared that she was ready for this project. The Jessica Drew character was created in 1977 and first appeared in the Marvel Spotlight comic book series. During son history, it has had many adventures and is still exploited today by American comics.

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