Spirit Airlines Unveils A New Look For Its Planes

TSR Glowups: Anyone who lives this “low budget” lifestyle knows everything about SpiritAirlines. It’s not the prettiest way to travel, but it will get you from point A to point B for the lowest.

Well, Spirit Airlines travelers should no longer be ashamed because their planes are getting a major upgrade.

Just like your Facebook friend who swears that she will not take back her cheating boyfriend, Spirit essentially says “new year, new me” in 2020. Spirit today unveiled its new redesigned cabins with ergonomic seats for more comfort and An additional 2 inches of “usable” for the legs, reports USA Today.

The new Spirit cabins will also feature larger tray tables instead of these mini, new carpeting, pre-reclining seats and more for an improved aesthetic and modern design.

“This is just the start of all the big things to come in 2020!” Wrote Spirit Airlines on Instagram.

The new features, which were announced in September, have been installed on a new Airbus A320neo and will eventually be presented on new and existing Spirit aircraft.

Spirit Airlines said the upgrades were part of its “Investing in the Guest” program. According to Spirit, other innovations are on the way: Wi-Fi and automatic baggage check-in.

Spirit claims that the new composite seats are padded with ultra-light foam and come with an additional pre-recline, as passengers are currently unable to recline their own seats on Spirit.

“We listened to our guests and went in search of the optimal Spirit seat,” said Spirit CEO Ted Christie in a statement. “Our new seats and new cabin design have been developed from the ground up to improve the experience, while keeping our rates low at the same time.”

Roommates, what do you think of the new improved aircraft from Spirit Airlines? Let us know!

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